Are Custom Handmade Cowboy Boots A Dying Art? May 30 2017

Time is running out to step out onto the town in custom hand made cowboy boots. Most of the custom cowboy boot companies in the country have been in operation for decades. Often located slightly off the beaten path in understated buildings on quiet roads, many of the top custom handmade boot makers are nearing retirement or have already passed down their businesses to the next generations.

From the first measurement to the final product

From taking the first measurement to delivering the final product to the customer, the process of constructing custom handmade cowboy boots takes many hours. The boot makers must pay close attention to every single detail to ensure the final design is flawless. Boot making is a tradition and a skill that gets passed down from one generation to the next. Current boot makers have learned the tricks of the trade from their parents or grandparents and are still using the same machines of past generations. Boot makers use a range of techniques to handcraft extraordinary designs and fits. A basic boot can take some 400 individual steps, from cutting back stays to sewing inlays and overlays, from stretching wet vamps over lasts to pounding in lemon-wood pegs to secure the soles. Prices vary greatly depending on the style and material being used. Forbes magazine reported on some of the most expensive handmade custom cowboy boots.  One such example was Tres Outlaws in El Paso, Texas, who once clocked a customer for $75,000 for a pair whose mind-boggling design traced the history of Mexico, including $18,000 worth of gold and silver coins from various historical eras. The design alone took 100 hours, the hand-carving another 300 hours and the color and dye work an additional 200 hours. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get a great pair of custom handmade cowboy boots that you will be proud to wear for years to come.

It’s all about tradition

Traditional custom handmade boot makers operate rustic, simple workshops, which stand in contrast to the quality materials they use to make their footwear and the prices they charge for their unique, long-lasting boots. Cowboy boot materials range from the standard cowhide to more exotic materials, such as elephant, alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, and more. Prices vary greatly depending on the style and material being used.

Custom handmade cowboy boots are worth the effort

There are so many decisions that go into each pair of custom cowboy boots that the shopping process can be somewhat overwhelming. In addition to choosing a material, customers must choose a top height, top color, foot color and finish, top edge design, sole, pull, toe, heel, tongue, stitch colors, side welt colors, stitching designs, and brand. Boot makers have extensive experience walking customers through the process of designing boots and work with them closely to ensure they’re satisfied with every aspect of their new footwear. Despite the high price tag, many cowboy boot wearers own multiple pairs of custom boots. Once you’ve worn a pair of high-end cowboy boots crafted specifically for your feet and your style, you get spoiled and can’t wear anything else. As soon as you’ve broken in your first pair of custom handmade cowboy boots, you’ll already be planning your next pair of boots.

Built to last

Custom handmade cowboy boots are truly built to last and hold up beautifully for multiple years, even multiple decades, of wear. Even when the boot makers are gone, the boots will still be around. Order your custom cowboy boots today while you still can and get the cowboy boots you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Start your journey with Beck Boots

For the past 100 years, Beck Boots has been building a reputation crafting stylish, comfortable, and durable cowboy boots. While the original founder of Beck Boots, Harry Beck, has retired, the new owners who worked and trained under Harry are continuing his traditions and quality, ensuring every pair of Beck Boots is one of a kind and built to last for decades.

If you are in the market for quality handmade working cowboy boots or custom handmade cowboy boots, Beck Boots is the right choice.  With true artisans making your next pair of cowboy boots you are guaranteed to get the best.  Our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us so we ensure every customer is happy and that their fit is perfect.  If you don’t know your exact size, no problem.  Just go online and request one of our FREE sizing kits.  We will send it to you right away. Call Beck Boots today 806-373-1600.  If you are in the area, visit our showroom located at 723 S. Georgia Street in Amarillo Texas.  Shop online our full line of in-stock cowboy boots and our working cowboy boots special, plan your custom cowboy boots purchase and shop our great line of cowboy boot accessories.

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