How to Care For Exotic Leather Handmade Cowboy Boots September 27 2017

Handmade cowboy boots made from exotic leather look incredible. To maintain their unique look and quality, you need to know how to care for them. Different types of exotic leather will need a different form of attention. These care tips will help you keep your handmade cowboy boots looking their best.

Snakeskin Handmade Cowboy Boots

Snakeskin is a delicate and beautiful material. To keep your handmade cowboy boots looking their best, you can wipe dust or debris from the surface with a soft, cotton cloth making sure you wipe in the direction of the scales. Wiping against the scale could cause them to loosen or damage them. If there is dirt under the scale, use a small brush to clean the dirt away. Do not lift the scale, only remove the dirt. If dirt doesn't come off from dry methods, you can dampen a cloth and lightly go over the scales. Snake scales are resistant to water but wetting a cloth too much can cause excess water to run into the membrane of the skin. When the membrane dries, it dries out the scales and causes them to curl.

To condition your snakeskin cowboy boots, use one especially made for snake skins. When dealing with exotic leather, stay away from conditioners created for cowhide. Cowhide conditioners build up on the membranes of the snakeskin which damages them and can cause the scales to fall off.

To keep a shine on your boots, you need to use cream and not a hard wax. The cream must be a neutral color as a colored cream will react with the snakeskin, and it could turn it odd colors. Using cream is only suggested on new boots, not on older ones.

Ostrich Handmade Cowboy Boots

Ostrich leather is versatile, sturdy, and stylish. This leather is sensitive to all oils so you must avoid even the oil-based cleaners or conditioners. This sensitivity will also include the oils from your skin, and over time this will cause your boots to change color.

Cleaning dirt off of your ostrich handmade cowboy boots requires a soft brush. If the soil dries into mud, you will need to dampen a cloth to wipe it off lightly. If you spill a liquid on your boots, use a dry, cotton cloth to absorb as much moisture from the boot surface as you can. Talc will work if you accidentally spill an oil-based substance on the boots.

To condition the boots, use an even layer of exotic leather conditioner on them. You can use an exotic leather polish once the boots are dried completely, which can be buffed with a soft, cotton cloth. Your last step is to apply a non-silicone water protector.

Sharkskin Handmade Cowboy Boots

Sharkskin is durable, sturdy and weighs much less than cowhide. Sharkskin cowboy boots are similar with their maintenance to the cowhide boot. A damp cloth can be used to wipe dirt from their surface. Use a saddle soap for tougher spots, but you must make sure all soap is wiped from the boot before proceeding to the conditioning step.

To condition your sharkskin handmade cowboy boot, use either a reptile or cowhide product. These boots will need the process repeated more often than other types of exotic cowboy boots as this kind of leather is more prone to drying out faster.

Most sharkskin leather boots have a glossy look to them when purchased. A hard wax polish will restore this shine.  

Crocodile and Alligator Handmade Cowboy Boots

The patterns on both crocodile and alligator handmade cowboy boots are distinct as this leather comes from farm-raised reptiles. The hide from these are tough, and the care for these leather boots is similar to cowhide boots.

Maintenance for these boots involves using a soft brush or cloth to remove any debris or dirt. If caked on mud or salt stains has gotten on your boots, slightly dampen the cloth to remove this debris. Saddle soap can be used for a deeper clean as long as you don’t let the soap dry on the leather. Dried saddle soap on the crocodile or alligator skin cowboy boot can make them prone to cracking.

Conditioning this type of cowboy boot requires a product unique to reptile leather. This conditioner will be lighter, and if your boot is extra dry, you can apply a few thin coats. You will know if you‘ve used enough conditioner once it stops being absorbed by the leather. You can use a non-silicone stain protectant to their surface if there is a risk they will get wet.

Lizard Handmade Cowboy Boots

The lizard skin handmade cowboy boot is similar to snakeskin leather boots. Maintenance is much the same, and you have to follow the same procedure of wiping with the direction of the scales. The one notable difference between the lizard skin and snakeskin leather in their maintenance is you cannot use a wax or cream polish. The leather from the lizard has an iridescent quality and putting polish on top of this leather will make your boots lose their unique look.

Storing Your Exotic Leather Handmade Cowboy Boots

You’ll want to store your exotic leather handmade cowboy boots properly when not wearing them. Folding or creasing this type of leather will cause damage to the material and the boots. The best method for storing your cowboy boots is to use a boot butler, so they hang safely from harm.

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