Why Choose Beck Boots - 6 Big Reasons Beck Boots Are The Best Choice January 23 2015


There are several factors that set Beck Boots apart from the big name commercial brands. Our boots are handmade in Amarillo, TX with genuine American leather. Beck Boots are real cowboy boots, made for real working cowboys. Of course you don’t have to be a real cowboy to enjoy the quality of a handmade Beck boot.


We use a heavy weight 100% leather welt; the big name commercial boots use plastic. The welt holds the whole bottom of the boot together. Leather welt will last much longer than plastic. Leather welted boots can also be re-soled, plastic welted boots cannot.


Our boots are made with 12 iron leather insoles; the other guys use a man-made fiberboard. The insole is right next to the bottom of your foot (what you are actually standing on). Leather insoles will form to your foot as you wear the boots. Leather insoles also provide superior durability and perspiration absorption.


The shank in a cowboy boots provides arch support, as well as distributes your weight evenly in a stirrup. We use a 40 penny steel nail for the shank; the other guys, again, use plastic. Over time a plastic shank will begin to give, and you’ll lose arch support. If you ride, a plastic shank will not provide the support and weight distribution that a 40 penny nail will. Riding with a plastic shank will feel like standing barefoot on a broom handle.


Beck Boots heels are stacked leather; the big brand commercial boots use, you guessed it, plastic. The advantage of leather heels is, again, durability and repairability. Plastic heels are cheap and unrepairable.


The counter of a boot provides stability. The counter is also where spurs are worn. We use heavy 12 iron leather for the counter. Leather counters are durable and comfortable. Plastic counters will quickly wear out. When the counter wears out your boots will roll over. Spurs will destroy plastic counters in no time.


The lining in boots provides perspiration absorption, comfort, and durability. The lining is the layer in between the vamp and your foot. We use soft cowhide leather. Cowhide lining is very soft, it also absorbs perspiration, making your boots more comfortable. Cowhide lining also protects the vamp from perspiration, making the boots last longer. Most commercial boots are lined with an inexpensive man-made fabric.

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