Stock Boots, Working Cowboy Special, and Custom Cowboy Boots - What’s the difference? February 05 2015

Beck Boots has three different options available for handmade cowboy boots: stock, the Working Cowboy Special, and full custom cowboy boots.  We are often asked, “What’s the difference?”  All of our cowboy boots are handmade right here in Amarillo, TX.  We use the same quality leather for all three options. The difference between the three is the level of customization.

In-Stock Handmade Cowboy Boots

We’ll start with the in stock cowboy boots.  We have 105 sizes of handmade boots, built, and on the shelf for $399.  Our in stock cowboy boots are available in 14” and 16” heights.  These handmade cowboy boots feature the wide French square toe and slightly tapered heel.  The stock cowboy boots are made with anvil steer or pig skin vamps.  The colors of the boots vary, some are smooth, and some rough out.  We have at least one or two pair of cowboy boots available in every size.  With over 100 sizes available, most people can find the perfect fit with our handmade in stock cowboy boots.

Handmade Working Cowboy Boot Special

The Working Cowboy Special is a handmade cowboy boot built to your specific measurements for $499, ready in 10 business days.  There are several options available.  We have three upper heights, 12”, 14”, and 16”.  Each height has four upper colors available. The stitching on the uppers is white, with a fixed pattern.   These handmade cowboy boots are available with your choice of anvil steer vamps, smooth or rough out.  We have three toe options, wide French, regular French, or round.  Finally you can choose between a 1 ½” block heel or a 1 5/8” slightly tapered heel.

Handmade Custom Cowboy Boots

Our full custom cowboy boots start at $700, with a four month delivery time.  The custom cowboy boots are fully custom fit; you also pick out all of the details.  Our handmade custom cowboy boots can be made in any upper height from 10” to 20”. We have dozens of upper colors available, 9 different stitch patterns, and countless stitching colors to choose from. Vamp (foot) choices are available in, anvil steer, pigskin, calfskin, horsehide, ostrich, elephant, and alligator. We have several colors available in every leather.  The custom cowboy boots can be made with any combination of 4 heel choices, 7 toe shapes, 4 top edge scallops, and 4 different types of pulls.

Contact Beck Boots today by calling (806) 373-1600.  If you happen to be in Amarillo TX, stop by to see us.  We are located at 723 S Georgia St.  You can also connect with us via email by clicking on Contact Us above.


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