What Is The Best Leather For Cowboy Boots? December 09 2014

We often get asked by our customer, “What’s the best leather for cowboy boots?” The answer is; it depends on what you are looking for. We use only premium top grain leather for all of our handmade cowboy boots. Some leathers make a beautiful dress boot, but are not well suited for a rugged work boot. Other leathers are tough as nails, but not as refined for dress boots. There are a few leathers that can double as a nice dress boot, and a tough work boot. I’ll discuss the leathers that we have available, and what they’re best suited for.

Anvil tanned steer hide is probably our most popular leather for handmade cowboy work boots.

The Anvil steer is heavy, chrome tanned leather. Anvil tanned steer hide is tough enough to withstand everyday abuse. Anvil steer comes in 4 different colors, in smooth and rough out. The Anvil can be polished and used for dress boots, but it is a little heavy.

Pigskin is popular leather for work boots.

The pigskin only comes in a rough out suede. It is a little lighter weight than the Anvil steer, but still really tough. The pigskin is also waterproof. It is available in 4 different colors. The pigskin will work for a dress boot, but it cannot be polished.

Chromexcel horsehide is new leather we have available.

The chromexcel horsehide is tanned by the famous Horween Leather in Chicago. The horsehide has a more natural look, and more of a glow than a shine. The chromexcel horsehide is diverse leather, it will make a fine pair of handmade dress boots, but it is tough enough for everyday work. The horsehide is available in brown and black.

We also have exotic leathers available.

We carry elephant, ostrich, alligator, and Nile crocodile. The elephant is multipurpose leather. It is really tough, and almost impossible to scuff. It also makes a nice dress boot. Elephant is available in 7 different colors.  Ostrich leather is primarily used for dress boots. We have both full quill, and belly (smooth quill) available, in 4 colors. Ostrich leather is a lighter weight, soft leather, but surprisingly durable. It can be polished to a shine. We do not recommend ostrich for work boots.  Alligator and Nile crocodile are premium leathers used solely for custom made dress boots. The gator and crocodile are virtually indistinguishable. Both leathers have a soft feel, and will polish up nicely. There is no finer leather for a pair of handmade boots. Alligator and crocodile leathers are durable if properly cared for.

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