A Cowboy Boot Buyer’s Guide For The Non-Cowboy September 06 2016


Who can disagree that cowboy boots are the classic American style of footwear? It's not hard to decide to wear cowboy boots, but it may be difficult to decide what type to buy. Even if cowboy boots aren't your usual style - mix it up a bit and remember - you don't have to BE a cowboy to wear cowboy boots. Once you try a pair of handmade cowboy boots, you'll wish you would have converted sooner.

Which style cowboy boot based on looks and comfort

If you are a novice to cowboy boots - you may be surprised to hear that there are several types and styles of cowboy boots to choose from. You should take into consideration the time it takes to break in a cowboy boot. Once the shaft, or sides of your boot become softer, your heel will slide back and fill that space.   As for style - cowboy boots come in styles fit for cleaning out the barn up to and including dress boots fit for a royal cowboy.

Cowboy Boot toe shapes

Cowboy boots have unique toe shapes. When you pick a traditional or rounded toe, you will get a little extra width to your boot for added comfort. The snip and square toed boots are tapered and give a modern and active look. You may see boots that have an extreme taper which may not be a wise choice if you have a wide or broad foot.

Cowboy boot styles

There are several styles of cowboy boots pertaining to the shaft - or the part of the boot that covers the leg. Some are higher than others, have deeper scallops and are usually made from different materials than the part of the boot where your foot resides (the vamp). Their styles were engineered primarily to aid the cowboy (or cowgirl) with his or her tasks.

Cowboy boot heels

Cowboy boots usually come in three common heel heights. From a walking heel that is about one-inch to a riding heel up to two inches. A walking, or roper heel is usually flat and block-like, while a riding heel is underslung - or tapered. Many cowboy boot fanciers choose a heel that is in between the walking and riding heel, making the height 1-1/2 to 1-5/8 inches. Wearing boots will make a difference in your height, as well as the sound you make walking across the room.

Cowboy boot materials

From ostrich to bison - the materials used for your new pair of boots come in textures and colors that you'll have a hard time deciding upon. Various patterns of stitching will add to the uniqueness of your boots.

Cowboy boots - the boot for all reasons

One thing about cowboy boots is that they are versatile and will look good in most settings. Depending on where you live and your activities - if you're thinking about buying cowboy boots, you're probably safe to wear them in just about every circumstance. You won't want to wear your good boots out to the corral, and you'll kick off your well-used ropers when you're headed to dinner.

Cowboy boots can make a statement for cowboys and cowgirls. The smell of new boots rates right up there with a new car smell - so buy carefully, enjoy - and kick up your heels.

Today the cowboy boot remains an essential element of American culture, particularly in Texas and the Southwest. The versatile style makes them an appealing footwear choice for people from all walks of life.

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